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"Once there was man who was told - Don't sell all your coins, HODL. Then he went to Polo, Where he shouted YOLO! Tomorrow regretting he sold.

Introducing EthHodler, a simple, ownerless, non-profit, contract running on the Ethereum blockchain.

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4.29 EHDL
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USD 578.59

Our favorite hodling period is forever.

- Warren Buffet

Eth Hodler

A simple non-profit DApp & ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain.


Tired of getting ICOs? Want to take a break from trading? Lock your ether and get HODL tokens in exchange.

Weak hands? You can use the Quick withdraw any time!

Get rewarded for hodling: 30 day withdrawal gets a chunk from the fee pot!

Safe, simple contract, audited by 3 independent Solidity developers, plus additional review by the community

Added 'Fee Pot' game element so it's a fun way to hodl!


Eth Hodler is for hodlers - a simple contract that helps holders to lock up their ether.
This contract has no owner and cannot be modified by anyone.

Quote: "This is just silly. Do people lack so much willpower that they have to
handicap themselves to have no access to your ETH? What if you lock it today
and it shoots to $200 (sic) in a week? What then? The last thing you want is
have NO ACCESS to your funds, whether crypto or fiat or whatever.
How about, just hold. There, problem solved.". - Reddit /user/Chop13

Well, hopefully Chop13 held.

But wait, there are actually some other features:

Each deposit to the Eth Hodler locks your ether and issues you with HODL tokens. These tokens
are then used to make a withdrawal and burned once the withdrawal is processed.

A normal withdrawal would take ~30 days to process, costing only the gas fee.
Should the holder want to withdraw their deposit early, they can, but
they must pay a %1 fee. The fees will be added to a fee-pot. Holders can claim
a chunk from the fee-pot, see the rules to find out how.

How To Use

This page is a DApp (Decentralized application) meaning that you'll need an Ethereum browser to use this.

DApp (or web3 as it's called) is really the future of the web! You can try out for yourself now, even though it's still in the early stages of development.

The easiest way to get started is to download the MetaMask extension for Chrome.

MetaMask is currently probably the best way to use at this time as it offers the lest friction.


Visual Model

List of exchanges listing the EHDL token

EHDL tokens are trade-able too.

Security information:

Game theory

Mist Wallet - instructions for the professionals

It's much easier to use an Ethereum Browser / MetaMask, but you can also use the Mist wallet by itself if you have the patience. (Or another non-browser wallet that supports contracts / tokens)

ABI / Json interface

Here is the Json interface. You may need this if you want to interact with the contract wallets such as Mist

Adding the contract to Mist
Mist Wallet - Interacting with the contract
Mist Wallet - Quick Withdrawal
Mist Wallet - Normal Withdrawal

Contract's Author

Reddit's Ethtrader member, /u/CurrencyTycoon/ - A huge fan of /user/lagofjesus who gave
inspiration to write this contract after reading his story.

Follow @CurrencyTycoon on Twitter


See Eth Hodler on Github.

Still haven't locked your ETH yet?

This cat did...

Lock your ETH meow!

Btw, this is EthHodler's own CryptoKitty #666628. It speaks Mandarin. 侬好哇!